Integrate with Skype

by banter

Follow the given procedure to integrate with skype,

  1. Login to Skype
  2. Click the Bot icon and search for banter
  3. Click Add to Contacts

You’ll receive the verification code on Skype

  1. Copy the Verification Code
  2. Log in into banter
  3. In the Integrations section, open Channels
  4. Select Skype
  5. Paste the verification you have copied from Skype into the Verification Code field
  6. Click Verify

You’ll receive a confirmation message on both Skype and banter.

Once the integration is successful, you can start receiving calls and notifications on Skype.

Receive Calls on Skype

To receive calls on Skype:

  1. Click Answer when you receive a call notification
  2. Continue the conversation
  3. Click Hangup after you complete the call


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