Handling Calls

by banter

As an admin, you can decide how you want to handle calls. The settings you set are applicable to all the users in your organization.

  1. Login to banter
  2. Click Settings
  3. In the Shared Settings section, click Call Handlers.
  4. Click New Call Handler to add a new handle
  5. Enter the name and description for the handler
  6. Select how you want to handle calls, such as play greeting, go to a menu
  7. Click Save

Based on the settings you set, banter handles all the incoming calls. The following are the ways to handle:

  • Forward Call – Redirects the caller to a new number specified in Call Settings.
  • Do Not Disturb: You’ll not receive any calls and the call is disconnected
  • Go To Voice Mail – All the calls will reach your voicemail inbox
  • Goto Menu – Allows the caller to go to a specific menu the user has already created.
  • Play Greeting – A custom greeting is played for the caller
  • Custom Rule – The incoming call is handled the way you customize

Specifying a call handler saves time and offers clarity to the callers, leading towards effective business communication.


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