banter Fax Trial Period

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How does the banter Fax Trial Period Works?

banter Fax offers a 7-day trial period for its users where they can experience the quality and usage of sending online faxes.

In the trial period, users can send up to 100 pages to any fax number within the USA. The recipient will be notified with a default number (as the user didn’t buy a number) regarding the received fax file/s.

Your free trial account will automatically roll over into the monthly plan whenever you add a card on or before the seventh day.

How to cancel your account?

If you aren’t satisfied (of course, you won’t) and want to cancel your account during the free trial, then you don't need to take any action. Your account will be frozen and you won't be charged for anything when your trial period expires.

If you are already an existing user and want to delete your account then you need to contact our support team. Your purchased numbers will be kept on hold for 15 days if you want to re-activate them.

How to buy a Fax number?

Here is the complete guide to buying a Fax number.

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