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Tiered pricing plans offered by banter Fax -

As a robust online faxing service provider, banter Fax provides high-end security and privacy than the competitors and traditional fax machines. Incidentally, banter Fax offers Tiered Pricing, where users can choose the perfect plan that fits their business requirements without wasting much money on the faxes. Using it, just pay for what you use and scale up as per your business suitability.

Note: The base rate is $4.99/month for 100 Pages.

Plan details for your reference are given below –

First 100 Pages / Channels or event notifications - $4.99/month

Next 101 - 500 Pages / Channels or event notifications - $9.99/month

Next 501 – 1000 Pages / Channels or event notifications - $14.99/month*

Note: Above 1000 Pages / Channels or event notifications - $4.99 for every 100 Pages

* Subject to Fair Usage Policy. Each Page / channels or event notification is billed as 1 Page.

With the base rate of $4.99/month, customers will get a new number along with the first 100 Pages/channels or event notification.

Premium Services:

  • Receive fax notification on your preferred channels (Skype, Slack & WhatsApp) and devices (Desktop, Smartphone & Tab)
  • Track all your Fax data in 1000+ applications
  • Add Digital Signature and Cover page to your fax files
  • Add or edit date, time, checkmarks and more.

Add your card (still if you didn’t add a card) and enjoy never before amazing features of banter Fax.

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