Integrate with WhatsApp

by banter

Follow the given procedure to integrate with WhatsApp,

  1. Open WhatsApp on mobile or desktop.
  2. Add the number + 1 415-523-8886 to the WhatsApp contact list with the name banter.
  3. In the WhatsApp web page/app, search for banter
  4. Click the bot and paste the code join feldgrau-newt
  5. Copy WhatsApp’s verification code for banter (Login to the banter app and go to Settings > Integrations > Channels > Click on the generate button > Copy Verification code of the WhatsApp)
  6. Paste verification code in WhatsApp chat and send it.

A successful token verification message appears.

You’ll start receiving call notifications on WhatsApp with a link. Clicking the link will enable you to start a conversation.

Note: Make sure that you enabled WhatsApp Channel in your banter's app to receive notifications.

How to enable notifications on WhatsApp?

  • Go to the Number Settings section of your banter account
  • Click on the Call Settings tab
  • Select Browser/Channels feature
  • Enable WhatsApp from the list of channels
  • Click on the Save button.



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