Integrate with WhatsApp

by banter

Follow the given procedure to integrate with WhatsApp,

  1. Open banter
  2. Click the WhatsApp icon on the homepage
  3. Copy the code join feldgraou-newt and click Send
  4. Add the number + 1 415-523-8886 to WhatsApp contact list
  5. In the WhatsApp web page, search for banter
  6. Click the bot and paste the code join feldgraou-newt
  7. Copy WhatsApp’s verification code for banter
  8. In banter, open Account Settings and select WhatsApp in Channels
  9. Click Generate to get verification code
  10. Copy the verification code and paste it in WhatsApp chat

A successful token verification message appears.

You’ll start receiving call notifications on WhatsApp with a link. Clicking the link will enable you to start a conversation.


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