Use the banter + Slack Integration in Zapier

by banter

Zapier allows you to easily integrate the apps with banter account. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Zapier to integrate an app with banter, using Slack as an example.

How to use banter in Zapier?

To integrate banter channel message with Slack. Log into Zapier account, to create a link between banter and Slack, you need to “create a ZAP” by clicking on “Make a Zap” on the right corner.

To add a banter channel message to Slack. Select banter in the search bar (Choose a trigger app) and continue


After clicking on save and continue you would be promoted to connect your banter account through the unique key. Click on integrations in account setting in banter to copy your unique key and submit in the connect your account pop up. 


After successfully placing key, Your trigger would be activated and you need to complete the action with Slack or any selected app.


You will be prompted to choose the action app to select Slack, on selecting it would prompt for updating or creation of a record. Save and continue after selecting. You will be directed to choose an account of Slack. Enter the API key to finish the creation of ZAP.


In the next step, you would have to choose the action app as shown below,

Slack Setup

Step 1 > Select "Slack" from the action app dropdown menu or enter manually in the search bar.


Step 2 > Choose the action “Send Channel Message” and press “Continue


Step 3 > Connect your account by logging in the pop up window. And Click on “Continue”.


Step 4 > Select the desired fields and click on “Continue”


Step 5 > Click on “Send Test To Slack” to test your record.





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