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by banter

Tiered pricing plans offered by banter -

Markets of the USA and Canada are flooded with unlimited VoIP plan options. However, as many as 80% of these plans go unused, leading to unnecessary expenses for organizations or individuals. To tackle this concern, banter has come up with the unique “One Simple Plan”. The highlight of our pricing is that you only pay for what you use and scale up as per your business suitability.

Our plans can help you with getting maximum leverage for your business communications.

  • Base rate is $4.99/month for plans
  • Plan details for your reference are given below -
Plans Pricing

First 200 units


Next 201 - 500 units


501 - Unlimited units


Subject to Fair Usage Policy. Each Text Message / Channels and/or Event Notification is billed as 1 minute. Price is per Number/Extension per Month


1. Pricing is per Number/Extension.

2. Units = Minutes, Messages, Channels and/or Event Notifications. Example: Each text message /channels or event notification /voice minute is billed as 1 Unit.

  • With the base rate of $4.99/month, customers will get a new number along with the first 200 minutes/messages/channels or event notification.

Customers get access to a host of facilities and services within the plans -

  • Admin/user can receive incoming call notifications within multiple channels using the Call Settings feature. Such as WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Mobile, Browser, Deskphone, and Webhook.
  • You can also track your incoming call activities in 1500+ apps like Zendesk, Drive, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Salesforce with our Post Call Events.
  • Now, don’t miss out on any business opportunities! You also get ‘Voicemail’ facility within the plans.

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