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Users can record incoming and outgoing calls to the banter cloud using the feature, ‘Recordings’. Files stored on the cloud can be accessed from the banter’s web portal.

Finding and Viewing Recordings

  • In the ‘Inbox’ menu
  • Click ‘Recordings’
  • A list of recording/s will appear
  • Choose the recording you want to listen to and click on its play button.

Note: The recording file comprises details such as Incoming (IN)/Outgoing (OUT) Call recording, From, To, Date, Time, Duration, File Size, and File Recorded.

Delete Recordings

Users can delete the recordings that are stored. To delete recordings:

  • In the Inbox menu, click Recordings
  • A list of recording/s will appear
  • Choose the recording/s you want to delete
  • Mark it for deletion using the ellipsis button
  • Click Delete
  • Select Ok


  • Users can delete multiple records at the same time.
  • Users cannot download or export recordings.
  • Users cannot retrieve the deleted record.

Record an Outgoing Call

  • Login to banter
  • Click on the Products icon
  • Select bantertalk from the list of products
  • Click on dial pad (appears on the bottom right corner of the screen)
  • Dial a number using the on-screen or dial pad, then click the phone icon
  • Click on the Recording icon
  • To stop or pause the recording, click on the icon again.

Record an Incoming Call

  • While handling an incoming call, click on the recording icon
  • To stop or pause the recording, click the icon again.

Record calls from a Desk phone

  • While handling a call, click *3 on the dial pad to start/stop recording.
  • Users can view their desk phone recordings in the portal.


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