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Users can record incoming and outgoing calls to the banterphone using the feature, ‘Recordings’.

Finding and Viewing Recordings

  •         Login to banter
  •         Click on the Products icon
  •         Select banterphone from the list of products
  •         In the General Settings, Click on Recordings tab
  •         Choose the recording you want to listen to and click on its play button.

Note: The recording file comprises details such as Incoming (IN)/Outgoing (OUT) Call recording, From, To, Date, Time, Duration, File Size, and File Recorded.

Delete Recordings

Users can delete the recordings that are stored. To delete recordings:

  •         In the Inbox menu, click Recordings
  •         A list of recording/s will appear
  •         Choose the recording/s you want to delete
  •         Mark it for deletion using the ellipsis button
  •         Click Delete
  •         Select Ok


  •         Users can delete multiple records at the same time.
  •         Users cannot download or export recordings.
  •         Users cannot retrieve the deleted record.

Record an Outgoing Call

  •         Click on dial pad (appears on the bottom right corner of the screen)
  •         Dial a number using the on-screen or dial pad, then click the phone icon to make the call
  •         Click on the Recording icon
  •         To stop or pause the recording, click on the icon again.

Record an Incoming Call

  •         While handling an incoming call, click on the recording icon
  •         To stop or pause the recording, click the icon again.


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