Custom Objects

by banter

The Custom Objects feature allows users to create objects in the forms. The Custom Object ensures users can execute CRUD operations based on their business requirements.

To use Custom objects 

  • Users can click on the ‘Add Custom Object’ button on the Custom Object Screen
  • Update Name and Description of the custom object
  • Select the data source(AWS redshift, Mongo, MY SQL server)
  • If the user has additional DB connections then they can use the checkbox if the custom connection is ‘String’.
  • Choose the Database connection(If multiple databases are present at the same source)
  • Click on ‘Save’

The system will display an option to add columns to the object

  • The user can now add columns to Custom Object by entering the name and type of data format(String, Boolean, Datetime, Number)
  • The property for the column can be specified by clicking on the ‘Properties’ button next to the column name.
  • Once the column/columns information is updated the user can click on the ‘Save’ button on the popup to confirm


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