Grandstream Wave Provisioning Instructions

by banter

You can easily configure the Grandstream Wave Mobile application with your banter subscription. Please follow the instructions as mentioned below,

Provisioning Instructions for Grandstream Wave Lite:

Need to raise the provisioning request:

  1. Your mobile must connect to the Wi-Fi
  2. Open phone settings >Find Wi-Fi MAC address / MAC Address 
  3. Now open banter app > Buy Number > Desk phone > Add new Number ( + )
      • Description – Provisioning Request
      • Mac address (your Phone Wi-Fi MAC address )
      • Make – Grand stream
      • Model – GSwave

Once provisioning request completes, install the Grandstream Wave Lite – Video

Installation and Provisioning:  

  • Install Grandstream Wave LiteVideo In Play Store / App Store
  • Once installation completes, open the application
  • Go To Settings,
  • Select the Provisioning Setting
  • In Provisioning Setting
      • Config Upgrade Via - HTTPS
      • Config Server Path -
      • Now Press The Start Provisioning

It will ask for confirmation to start provisioning click on Yes

After completing the provisioning process number will display on Keypad right top corner.


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