by banter

Macros are generated on specific objects, analogous to HTTP BLS. These macros are used in DataViews such as button or link formats, and when the user clicks on the macro, it performs the tasks that were programmed into the macro. Macros are specific to a selected object.

Configure a Macro

  • Login to banterOne
  • Click on Developer Options
  • Click on ‘Macros’ from the backend menu
  • Click on the ‘Add Macro’ button 
  • Click on the ‘Info’ segment to get started
  • Add the name and description for the Macro and click the checkbox ‘Is active’
  • Add the name of the ‘Macro Fields’
  • Select the object from the list
  • Select the columns to insert in the Macro and click on next
  • On the Flow, Builder screen the drag and drop feature can be used to configure the workflow and logic tree of the macro. Click ‘Save’ once the configuration is complete
  • On the ‘Macros’ screen click on ‘Save’ to confirm


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