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Microapps are simple applications that are able to execute a single task repetitively. A key component of creating microapps is to plan your workflow with an understanding of the database schema, which you need to build a custom action in microapps and assign it in grid or any view section and based on your record select run or trigger your designed flows.

Create a new Microapp on banterone

  • From the Microapp select the Microapp feature from the UI menu
  • Click on the ‘Add Microapp’ button from the Microapp screen
  • Enter Name and Description of the Microapp 
  • On the Microapp builder Screen user can choose ‘Links’ or “Blocks’ to the Microapp
  • By selecting a link a form will appear on the right side of the screen to update properties
  • Enter the Name, Description and Tool Tip name for the Link
  • Use the toggle button to mark as default or enable the link immediately (only possible to activate one at a time)
  • User can select the Type, View and Target layout from the drop down menu
  • Users can then select the icons to use for the Microapp and the active icon.
  • To add a Block to the Microapp select the Block option from the (+) icon
  • By selecting a Block a form will appear on the right side of the screen to update properties
  • Enter the name and description for the block
  • Enter the Tool Tip name that will appear on the hover for the block
  • Use the toggle button to activate the accordion option
  • Select the icons and the active icon to use for the Microapp
  • The order of links and blocks in the microapp can be changed by using the drag and drop feature. Just click on the extreme left of the link or block and drag to change the order.
  • Click on ‘Save’ to confirm final settings and activate the Microapp.

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