Smart Filters

by banter

Smart filters fetch the data for selected columns only with conditions or without conditions. Smart Filters are used for data rendering into UI(Smart Views). We must run queries on banterone tables to retrieve the data, which is similar to the segment but has additional benefits.

  • During the creation process, we must select the object for which data is to be fetched from the object dropdown.
  • After picking the object, we must click the Next button, which takes us to the object's business view page, which is similar to a SQL query.
  • After selecting an object, the Next button takes us to the next screen, where we have the option of selecting specific object columns as well as any SQL operations such as select, conditions, and GroupBy to conduct on the table.
  • To get the data, we can use any filter on the table and then click the save button.
  • It redirects to a smart filter grid rendered using banterone DataList after hitting the save button.
  • We must set the smart view to display the material after it has been successfully created.
  • A configure, edit, and delete icon will appear in the smart filter grid.


Data View, Form View, & Grid View options appear when we click the configure icon, and we can select any of the Configure Views that are required for it.

It displays a selection of columns from that item when you click DataView.

There is a default DataView option for showing data in a grid. In the dropdown, you can see all of the Data pages you've built, and you can choose which one you want to display, then save it.

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