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  • Segments fetch the data for selected columns only with condition or without condition. Segments are used for SMS campaigns specifically. They are used to conditionally retrieve an object's data.
  • Segmentation can be done with or without criteria. The object's columns cannot be selected in segments.
  • They're utilized in campaigns to send data to segments that have been chosen.
  • During the creation process, we must select the object for which data is to be fetched from the object dropdown.
  • After picking the object, we must click the Next button, which takes us to the object's business view page, which is similar to a SQL query.
  • By pressing the add button, all of the fields of a given object are displayed, and we can use the OR/AND operator to fetch data based on the columns.
  • Then, when you click the save button, you'll be taken to the segments grid, which is rendered with banterone DataList.

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