Fax Inbox

  • Fax - View your details

    You can create or modify the credentials to display for each fax. To modify the details: Login to banter C...

  • Send Fax

    Send a fax to the selected recipient in an easy way. Login to banter Click the Fax icon In the Activity se...

  • Customize the fax

    To provide additional information or highlight certain parts of a fax, you can customize by adding signatur...

  • Fax History

    Use the Inbox to view the history of sent and received fax. The following are the options available: In...


Post Fax Events

  • Post Fax Overview

    As a user, you can decide what should happen after a fax operation is complete. Use the Post Fax settings t...

  • Post Fax -Sent and Receive

    When Fax is Sent Receive notifications on various applications when you send a fax. To receive notification...