Shared Settings

  • Create Custom Rules

    If you want to handle your incoming calls apart from the above mentioned ways, please contact us at custome...

  • Call Handlers

    As an admin, you can decide how you want to handle calls. The settings you set are applicable to all the us...

  • Add Greetings

    Login to banter Click on the banterElastic icon Go to Product Settings In the Shared Settings section, cli...

  • Add Menus

    Create personalized Menus based on your business requirements. Login to banter Click on the banterElastic ...


Product Settings

  • Provision Desk Phone

    As an Admin, you can configure a desk phone to avail banterElastic services. To provision a desk phone: Lo...

  • Number Porting Request

    As a user, you can use your existing numbers and port with banter so that you continue using your existing ...

  • Unblock a Number

    Unblock a blocked number by performing the following steps: In the Number Settings, click Blocked You’ll s...

  • Block a Number

    Block the unsolicited numbers. To block a number: In the Number Settings, click Blocked You’ll see a list ...

  • Release an Extension

    You can release any of your numbers whenever you want to. Login to banter Click on the banterElastic icon ...

  • View Released Numbers

    Here are the steps to view the released number/s: In the Manage section, click Released Numbers tab When ...

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Number Settings

  • Custom Call Setting

    You can have customized call handling options with the support of banter. Contact us at

  • Schedule

    Configure the timings during which you want to receive calls. To schedule your incoming calls: In the Numb...

  • Play Greeting

    Select a greeting to play or create a new one for your callers to listen. To play: In the Number Settings ...

  • DND/Disconnect

    Tired of receiving incoming calls? Enable the DND option till the time you want. To enable DND: In the Num...

  • Go to Menu / IVR

    Provide your callers with various choices to reach an appropriate number for a quick redress. Use the Menus...

  • Go To Voicemail

    Let your caller leave a voicemail for you when you can’t answer the calls. To allow voicemail recording: I...

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  • Delete Messages

    You can delete the messages that are stored in your Inbox. To delete messages: In the Inbox menu, click Me...

  • View Messages

    Any incoming messages are stored by banter in the Inbox. To view the messages: In the Inbox menu, click Me...

  • Listen to Voicemails

    Listen to the messages that a caller left for you when you were not available. All the voicemails are store...

  • Call History

    Use the Call History functionality to view the calls made or received. To view call history: In the Inbox m...



  • Send a Message

    Following are the steps to send a message: Login to banter Click on the banterelastic icon Choose the desi...