Call History Reports

by banter

Welcome to the user portal for accessing call reports of your banter numbers. This guide will help you navigate to the call reports in the portal and download the call reports.

With our call reports you will be able download and view call data up to 31 days.

Navigating to call history reports

  • On logging into portal click on settings and select product settings.

call history 1.png

  • A new window will open, select call reports from the options available on the left panel

call history 2.png

Downloading Reports

Select the date range to download the reports, please note that you selection should satisfy below criteria,

  1. Date range must not exceed 31 days.
  2. Date and time are in Coordinated Universal Time Zone. (UTC).
  3. Up to 10,000 records are generated between the selected dates.

Understanding the reports

Banter Number Call with Direction Call Type Duration (Sec) Bill Min Date
46******** 81******** in Dialed 32 1 15-01-2024 09:01:58
46******** 30******** in Answered 27 1 11-01-2024 03:49:22

Column’s description

  1. Banter Number – Your Banter number
  2. Call With – Outside number whom you might have dialed or received a call from
  3. Direction – In for incoming calls, out for dialed calls
  4. Call Type - Nature of call Dialed, Answered and Missed
  5. Duration – Call duration
  6. Date – Time of the call

Outbound Calls – Dialed Calls

Banter Number will be the from number through which the call is made and call with will be the receivers numbers to whom it was dialed to.

Incoming Calls – Answered Calls

Since the column heads are standardized, to understand an incoming call please consider call with number will be the outside number who is trying to reach your Banter Number



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