Number Hosting

by banter

Number Hosting

Hosting helps you use your existing numbers to avail banterText services

  • Login to banter
  • Click on the Products icon
  • Select bantertext from the list of products
  • Go to the Product Settings
  • Select Hosted Numbers from the Manage section
  • Click on the (+) Add icon (a pop-up screen will appear)

When you click on the add icon, a pop-up window named Hosting will appear to the right side of the portal.

  • Enter your existing number to port (you can add up to 10 numbers)
  • Enter Customer Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Customer Contact Person, Customer Contact Phone, and Billing Account Number in the given fields
  • Click Save

Once done, you’ll receive an email with the hosting request details. Perform the following steps:

  • Download the hosting request document and take a print
  • Fill in the necessary details and sign the document
  • Scan and send the scanned copy by replaying the same mail
  • Within 15 working days, the number host completes.


  • When you click on the save button, your number will be appeared on the Hosting grid, so that you can check your Hosting status.
  • If you have any corrections, please use the blank template and send it to our support mail

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