View or Release a Number

by banter

View Released Numbers

Here are the steps to view the released text number/s:

  • Login to banter
  • Click on the Products icon
  • Select bantertext from the list of products
  • Go to Product Settings
  • In the Manage section, click the Released Numbers tab

When you click on the Released Numbers, a list of your released text numbers will appear.

Release a Number

You can release any of your text numbers whenever you want to.

  • In the Manage section, click the Numbers tab
  • Select the number to release
  • Click the Release Number button
  • Choose the reason from the Reason for the release list; you can add comments if your reason to release the number is not listed on the menu.
  • Click Confirm
  • Click OK on the confirmation message

A confirmation message appears indicating that the number is released successfully.

How to Add Template?


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