Provision Desk Phone

by banter

As an Admin, you can configure a desk phone to avail banterphone services. To provision a desk phone:

  • Login to banter
  • Click on the Products icon
  • Select banterphone from the list of products
  • Go to Product Settings
  • In the Manage section, click on the Provision Desk Phone tab
  • Click on + add icon
  • Enter the description and MAC ID of the desk phone
  • Select whether to provide a number or extension
  • Select the model of the desk phone along with Make and Model.
  • Click Save.

Depending on the desk phone model, you’ll receive further instructions to your registered email with a URL.

A User will receive emails regarding the request and process to provision the number. If you did not receive any provision email to your registered mail id, please check into your spam folder also.

Note:  Users will not be able to change MAC ID, Make & Model while altering the provisioned number/extension.


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