Cisco 303 Model

by banter

Following are the provisioning instructions for ‘CISCO IP PHONE 303’:

First and foremost do a Factory Reset of your desk phone using the below procedure:


  • Press setup button > Factory Reset (14th Option) > Select > ok
  • Use the Up and Down arrow keys to scroll through the options

Note: Once you select OK, then the phone will be automatically rebooted and settings made to default.

Get the IP address of your CISCO Phone:

  • Press setup button > Go to Network (9th Option) > Select > Your current IP (Eg:
  • Now open the browser and paste the IP address ( in the URL field


  • When you click on the ‘Enter’, it will redirects to the device configuration page as shown below (no login credentials are required to this model).


  • Click on the Admin Login link (top right corner), which redirects to the following page.


  • Click on the Advanced link (top right corner) and select the Provisioning tab.


  • Enter the URL (in the 'Profile Rule' filed), which has been sent to your registered email account.


  • Now click on the ‘Submit All Changes’

Note: Your desk phone will be automatically rebooted when you click on the ‘Submit All Changes’ button to reflect the settings. If it not rebooted automatically then reboot the device manually.

How to Reboot Manually:

  • Click on the Setup button of your CISCO device
  • Select Reboot option
  • Click OK to reboot the device manually.

It approximately takes around five minutes for the phone to configure the new provisioning settings.

Note: DO NOT unplug the device while the configuration is being updated as it receives data from the server.


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