Polycom 335 Model

by banter


To receive or make calls using banter on a Polycom 335 desk phone, perform the following steps.


Before provisioning the Polycom 335 desk phone, ensure its running on the version. If not, upgrade.

How to check the Version:

To check the running version of the model, you need to find out its IP address.

  • Press Menu> Go to Status > Select Network > tcp/ip parameters > ip Eg:
  • Now open the browser and paste the IP address ( in the URL field
  • Click on the ‘Enter’, to redirect to the following page.


  • Select Admin
  • Enter the Password: 456
  • Click on the Submit button

When you click on the button, it redirects to the home page (it comprises the Phone model, MAC Address and more)

  • Now, Select Utilities Tab
  • Choose Software Upgrade from the drop-down menu
  • There you can see Current software version

If your model is running on the older version, upgrade it using the following steps:

Upgrade the Version

  • Click on the Check for Updates button
  • Choose the version from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Install button


  • When you click on the Install button, a new pop-up window will appear
  • Click on Yes and then Accept the ‘License Agreement’.
  • When you click on the Accept button, a new pop-up window appears regarding the update
  • Click on the Ok button

The phone will be automatically rebooted when you click on the ‘Ok’ button and takes a minimum of 10 minutes to upgrade the version. Later on, refresh the webpage to check the current status of the version.

Following are the provisioning instructions for ‘Polycom 335’:

First and foremost do a Factory Reset of your desk phone (Polycom 335) using the below procedure:

  • Press Menu > Go to Settings > Select Advanced
  • Enter 456 (Password) & Select ‘Enter’ > Admin Settings > Reset to Defaults > Reset to Factory
  • Click on Yes for the alert message ‘Are you sure

When you select Yes, then the phone will be automatically rebooted and settings made to default.

Get the IP address of the Phone:

  • Press Menu> Go to Status > Select Network > tcp/ip parameters > ip Eg:10.10.161
  • Now open the browser and paste the IP address ( in the URL field
  • Click on the ‘Enter’, to redirect to the following page.


  • Select Admin
  • Enter the Password:456 in the given field
  • Click on the Submit button

You’ll be redirected to the following page.


  • Select Settings Tab
  • Choose Provisioning Server from the drop-down menu, which leads to the page as depicted below.


  • Now, Select ‘HTTPS’ from the ‘Server Type’ field.


  • Enter the URL (in the 'Server Address' filed), which has been sent to your registered email account.


  • Then, click on the Save button and click Yes to save the configuration changes.


Then, reboot the phone to reflect the changes.

How to Reboot the Phone:

Reboot the phone by choosing Utilities > Reboot > yes > ok.


Note: Do not unplug your phone while the configuration is being updated as it receives data from the server.

It approximately takes around five minutes for the phone to configure the new provisioning settings.

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