Fanvil X1S/X1SP Model

by banter

Following are the provisioning instructions for Fanvil X1S/X1SP: 


First and foremost do a Factory Reset of the phone using the below procedure: 

  • Unplug from power, if using POE – unplug. Plug back in power or POE. Press and hold # right after the Red Light blinks (the light in the upper right of the phone) for about 10 seconds and then release. A few moments later, the screen prompts Post Mode enter, now press * # 1 6 8
  • The phone will tell you it’s clearing and that it’s been reset. The phone will restart automatically. 
  • Upon phone restarting it will ask you to select a Language. 

Then, follow the below steps: 

  • Find out IP address of the IP phone: Press Menu > Status>OK > option 2.IPv4 > IP Eg: 
  • Open the web browser and paste the IP address into the URL to open the device configuration page. 
  • Log in using the default credentials – Username: admin & Password: admin 
  • Go to System > Auto Provision 

Here, perform the following procedure 

  • Select the Static Provisioning Server >>  
  • Enter the URL, which has been sent to your registered email account.
  • Then Change the Protocol type: HTTPS 
  • Then click on Updated Mode button and select the Update after Reboot 
  • Then click on Apply and reboot the phone. 

How to Reboot Manually: 

  • System >> Reboot Phone >> Reboot>> OK 

Note: Do not unplug the device while the configuration is being updated as it receives data from the server. 

It approximately takes around five minutes for the phone to configure the new provisioning settings. 

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Provisioning Instructions For Fanvil X3S/X3SP Model


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